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Training Reimbursement Request

Frequently Asked Questions

POST has been asked various questions regarding Training Reimbursement Requests. The following is intended to answer the most frequently asked questions (FAQs):

  1. What is a Training Reimbursement Request (TRR)?

    Agencies participating in the POST Reimbursable Program who request reimbursement for their employee(s) attending POST-certified training courses shall do so by means of the web-based Automated Paperless Training Reimbursement Request (eTRR) system, which is a program developed from the paper-based POST Training Reimbursement Request (TRR) form.

  2. Can I submit a paper TRR?

    Paper TRRs are no longer acceptable. As of August 1, 2017, agencies must submit an electronic (e)-TRR within the fiscal year (FY) training was completed.

    In exceptional circumstances, with pre-approval by POST, agencies may request reimbursement utilizing a Training Reimbursement form, POST 2-273 (Rev. 04/2015), in lieu of the eTRR. If used, the TRR form may be submitted to the training course presenter at the time of the course, or be mailed directly to POST.

  3. How do I complete an automated paperless eTRR?

    Commission Procedure E-5 provides instructions on how to complete an automated paperless eTRR.

  4. How long do I have to submit an eTRR?

    Acceptance will be allowed up to 60 days after the end of the Fiscal Year.

  5. Where do I submit an eTRR form?

    eTRR's must be submitted electronically through EDI.

  6. How do I submit an eTRR?

    The video provides instructions on how to submit an eTRR (mp4).

  7. Where is my missing eTRR?

    • The Plan is not eligible for reimbursement
    • Trainee is not listed on the course roster
    • eTRR was not located for this trainee for this course
    • eTRR may have been placed on hold and was not processed during the closing

    Questions can be directed to Reimbursement Support, (916) 227-3909

  8. Which California Code of Regulations discuss TRRs?

  9. How do I locate bulletins that discuss TRRs?

    Bulletins are viewable on the POST Website.

  10. What are the current rates of reimbursement approved by the POST Commission?

    Expense Reimbursement Rate
    Back-Fill Reimbursement 100% actual salary cost at overtime rate: time and one-half
    Basic Course Subsistence $75.00 per day for lodging and meals, or Commuter Lunch
    Commuter Lunch $8.00 per day
    Subsistence allowance - by location where expense occurred  
    County Reimbursement Rate
    All counties not shown below $128.00 per day
    Alameda County $189.00 per day
    Los Angeles County $156.00 per day
    San Diego County $156.00 per day
    San Francisco County $189.00 per day
    San Mateo County $189.00 per day
    Santa Clara County $189.00 per day
    Travel For current mileage rate, visit CalHR.
    Tuition 100% or as listed in POST Catalog of Certified Courses
  11. POST-approved Training Presenters shall be based on schedules know as "plans." What is reimbursed for each Plan?

    Plan Reimbursements
    Plan I Subsistence (lodging and meals); Commuter Lunch; Travel (mileage); Tuition; Back-fill Salary
    Plan II Subsistence; Commuter Lunch; Travel; Back-fill Salary
    Plan III Subsistence; Commuter Lunch; Travel; Tuition
    Plan IV Subsistence; Commuter Lunch; Travel
    Plan V Subsistence: Commuter Lunch; Travel, Training Presentation Costs
    Plan VI (Regional Training Plan) Subsistence; Commuter Lunch; Travel; Training Presentation Costs
    Plan VII (Regional Training Plan) Subsistence; Commuter Lunch; Travel; Training Presentation Costs; Back-fill Salary

    Each Plan is subject to the provisions established by the Commission. Below are ways to obtain further information about Training Courses.

    • POST Regulation, Commission Procedure D, Catalog of Certified Courses
    • By contacting the presenter or course coordinator
    • By contacting the POST Course Control Coordinator at (916) 227-4862
  12. If a course is Plan N/A, does an agency still need to submit an eTRR?

    No. Plan N/A means there is no reimbursement for this course.

  13. Is Back-fill being paid upon request?

    Plan I, II, and Plan VII (Regional Training Plan) are eligible for back-fill awards upon request by submitting an eTRR and upon approval by POST. Visit Commission Procedure E-2 for further information.

  14. What is reimbursable for the Basic Academy?

    • $75 per day for lodging and meals, or $8 per day for lunch and mileage
    • For current mileage rate, visit CalHR.
  15. Is per diem reimbursed if training is changed from in-person to online?

    If training (i.e., 2-day, 1-week, 2-weeks) is changed from in-person to Zoom/online/virtual per diem is NOT reimbursed so long as there was no per diem costs to the trainee or agency.

  16. How do I contact the POST EDI Reimbursement Team?