Laws, Regulations and Procedures

The information below identifies specific laws, regulations and procedures pertaining to the POST Reserve Peace Officer Program.

Penal Code

  • 830.6 Deputized or appointed personnel; peace officer status; powers and duties
  • 832.6 Deputies or appointees as reserve or auxiliary officers; powers of peace officer; conditions

Government Code

  • 1029 Conviction of felony as disqualification for peace officer
  • 1030 Fingerprinting of peace officers
  • 1031 Public officers or employees having powers of peace officers; minimum standards
  • 1031.2 Sequencing of peace officer background investigations
  • 1031┬áPeace Officer Employment Eligibility Verification

Commission Regulations

  • 1001 Definitions
  • 1007 Reserve Officer Minimum Training Standards
  • 1008 Basic Course Waiver and Requalification Requirement
  • 1080 PC 832 Arrest and Firearms Course Examination and Requalification Requirements
  • 1950-1955 Peace Officer Selection Requirements
  • 1202 Peace Officer Certificates

Commission Procedures

  • D-1 Basic Training
  • D-13 Field Training
  • H-1 Definitions
  • H-3 Reserve Officer Training

NOTE: Commission Regulations and Procedures may be found in the POST Regulations.