Evaluator Details

NameCerise Vablais
License Number28593Verify License
Date Evaluator Began Screening Candidates7/1/2015
CPE Credit Hours135
Address20818 44th Avenue West
20818 44th Avenue West
Phone Number4257754477

Continuing Professional Education Compliance

Mandated CPE Course(s)

Course Title Completion Date
POST Peace Officer Psychological Screening Manual Book-Based Exam 6/20/2019

Mandated CPE Hours

Past cycles

Compliance CycleRequired HoursCompleted Required Hours?
7/1/2015-8/24/201812 yes
8/25/2018-8/24/202012 yes
8/25/2020-8/24/202212 yes

Upcoming cycle

Ending Date Required Hours Completed Hours
8/24/2024 12 yes

CPE Courses Completed

The psychological evaluator has completed the following courses for continuing psychological evaluator education credit.

Course TitleProvider NameDateCPE Hours
POST Psychological Screening Workshop Commission on POST7/16/201522
JR&A Users' Conference (2015) Johnson, Roberts & Associates7/16/20157
JR&A Users' Conference (2016) Johnson, Roberts & Associates10/14/20167
IACP 2016 - Enhancing the Efficacy and Science of Pre-Employment Psychological Screening through Research Collaboration IACP - PPSS10/15/20161
Using the MMPI-2-RF in Public Safety Evaluations: Pre and Post-Employment American Board of Professional Psychology5/17/20176
Police Psychology: An Introduction to Core Activities and Cultural Competence American Board of Professional Psychology5/18/20173
IACP 2018 - Legal Update (PPSS) IACP - PPSS10/6/20182
IACP 2018 - Medications Use: What Do Police Psychologists Need to Know? IACP - PPSS10/6/20181.5
IACP 2018 - Detecting Deception during High Stakes Interviews IACP - PPSS10/7/20181
IACP 2018 - Culturally Competent Assessment in Police and Public Safety Psychology IACP - PPSS10/7/20181.5
POST Peace Officer Psychological Screening Manual Book-Based Exam Commission on POST6/20/20198
Introduction to Police & Public Safety Psychology ConCEpt Professional Training6/21/20192
IACP 2019 - Psychological Assessments of Police Applicants with VA Disability Ratings IACP - PPSS10/26/20191.5
IACP 2019 - Legal Update (PPSS) IACP - PPSS10/26/20191.5
IACP 2019 - The POST Dimensions and Cultural Competence in Policing: Diverse Chiefs’ Experiences from the Field IACP - PPSS10/26/20191.5
IACP 2019 - The MMPI-3: A Heads-up for Police Psychologists IACP - PPSS10/26/20191
Using the MMPI-2-RF in Public Safety Personnel Evaluations (June 2019) ConCEpt Professional Training10/26/20197
Evaluation of Fitness for Duty: Foundations & Methods (2020 AAFP Workshops: Contemporary Issues in Forensic Psychology) American Academy of Forensic Psychology5/9/20207
Ethical Dilemmas and Complex Relationships in Police & Public Safety Psychology CONCEPT Summer Training Institute (Palo Alto University)6/17/20207
IACP 2020 - Collaboration as Best Practice in Hiring and Retention: Perspectives from a polygrapher, psychologist, background, commander and chief IACP - PPSS10/21/20201
IACP 2020 - Psychology in the Service of Cultural Competence in Law Enforcement: Consultation, Operations, Intervention, and Assessment IACP - PPSS10/21/20201
IACP 2020 - Legal Update: Police Psychological Services Section 2020 IACP - PPSS10/21/20201
IACP 2020 - Assessment of Counterproductive Work Behaviors in Police and Other Public Safety Employees IACP - PPSS10/22/20201
IACP 2020 - Local Norms in a Police Applicant Sample: Expanding Multicultural Considerations in an Urban Sample IACP - PPSS10/23/20201
2021 JRA Conference: Emerging Topics in Public Safety Assessment Johnson, Roberts, and Associates9/10/20214
IACP 2021 - Legal Update: Police Psychological Services Section 2021 (Virtual Only) IACP - PPSS9/11/20211.25
IACP 2021 - Investigating the Prevalence of Bias in the Public Safety Applicant Population (Virtual Only) IACP - PPSS9/12/20211
IACP 2021 - The Hues of Blue: Working Towards Cultural Competence in Support of Policing (Virtual) IACP - PPSS9/12/20211.25
SPCP 2021 - Session 1 - Advancements in Protective Services Assessment (virtual) Society for Police and Criminal Psychology9/30/20210.5
Assessing Bias in Police & Other Public Safety Candidates CONCEPT Continuing & Professional Studies (Palo Alto University)2/11/20224
Assessing Bias in Police & Other Public Safety Candidates CONCEPT Continuing & Professional Studies (Palo Alto University)2/11/20224
ABPPSP: Police Use of Force - What Psychologists Need To Know CONCEPT Continuing & Professional Studies (Palo Alto University)4/28/20224
2022 JRA Conference Johnson, Roberts, and Associates 10/14/20223
2022 IACP - Hearing Her Voice: The Occupational Stressors of the Matron to the Modern Woman in Law Enforcement IACP - PPSS10/14/20221
2022 IACP - Evaluation of Transgender and Gender Diverse (TGD) Officers: Medical & Psychological Considerations IACP - PPSS10/14/20221.5
2022 IACP - Legal Update: Police Psychological Services Section 2022 IACP - PPSS10/15/20221.5
2022 IACP - An Overview of the MMPI-3 Public Safety Candidate Interpretive Reports IACP - PPSS10/16/20221.5
2022 IACP - Preemployment Evaluations: Considering Racial Bias and Common Impediments to Optimal Selection IACP - PPSS10/16/20221.5
2022 IACP - Actuarial Forecasting Methods: Combining Data Intelligently to Reduce Uncertainty in Predictions IACP - PPSS10/16/20221
2022 IACP - Statewide Psychological Screening Mandates IACP - PPSS10/16/20221
IACP 2023 - Current Trends in Psychological Fitness for Duty Evaluations IACP - PPSS10/14/20231.25
IACP 2023 - Contemporary and Emerging Science and Practice in High-Stakes Employment Screening and Selection: Special Topics (e.g., Assessing Bias, Extremism, Social Media) IACP - PPSS10/14/20231.25
IACP 2023 - Pre-employment Psychological Evaluations on Gen Z Candidates IACP - PPSS10/14/20231.25
IACP 2023 - Does Psychological Testing of Recruit Candidates Actually Distinguish Between the Best and the Rest? IACP - PPSS10/15/20231.25
IACP 2023 - Introducing the Multidimensional Personality Questionnaire (MPQ) Police Preemployment Interpretive Report IACP - PPSS10/15/20231.25
IACP 2023 - Legal Update IACP - PPSS10/15/20231.25
IACP 2023 - Current Issues in Police Psychology IACP - PPSS10/16/20232

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