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Computer Services Bureau

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The Computer Services Bureau (CSB) manages POST's computer systems development, maintenance, and training in support of POST's mission to serve California law enforcement. CSB is comprised of full-time staff, working in three units: the Applications Development Unit, the Web Development Unit, and the Network, Server and PC Support Unit.

In addition to providing all internal technical services, the Computer Services Bureau serves as POST's liaison to the State of California's control agencies on all matters of information technology.

CSB Programs and Services

Applications Development Unit

The Applications Development Unit provides systems development and maintenance for the functions of the Commission and staff.

From small scanner applications to the state-of-the-art web-based Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) System, applications development analysts and programmers provide analysis, design, programming, and testing services for optimum utilization of computer resources. The effective administration of the POST Database is a critical component of POST's enterprise. The growing EDI System allows agencies to transmit information to POST via the Internet. Applications Development staff provides system development services for incorporating new mandates or strategic plan objectives, such as the current project to improve the course certification process.

Network, Server and PC Support Unit

The Network, Server and PC Support Unit purchases, implements, maintains, and supports all internal technology resources at POST, including servers, networking equipment, and PC and notebook computers.  A small team of Information Technology professionals provides timely technical assistance, training, and license management services to POST staff and agencies participating in the TMAS online testing system.

Web Development Unit

The Web Development Unit consists of a small team of analysts and technology professionals responsible for maintaining the POST Website and related sites.

Using a modern content management system, programming tools, and graphics design and creation tools, the team works closely with POST's law enforcement experts to deliver necessary information and materials through the Web in an efficient and easy-to-use manner.

Graphic Design, Forms and Publications Unit

Graphics is responsible for the design, production and overall look of graphics-related projects. This includes creating brochures, manuals, training and guideline publications, custom projects, and forms. Several of the POST forms used to conduct business are available electronically, with an eventual goal to provide all POST business forms online.

EDI/Learning Portal Support Unit

The EDI/Learning Portal Support Unit provides customer assistance and troubleshooting services to law enforcement agencies and course presenters who use the web-based Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system. The Support Unit also provides assistance with password problems and answers general questions regarding the POST Learning Portal.

Through EDI, authorized users may access and print their records in the POST database system and complete online transactions related to appointment/termination notices, training compliance, and the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute. Course presenter functions such as AICP, course certification, instructor resumes, and roster entry may also be done through EDI.

The Learning Portal is an online training and resource service provided by POST to the California law enforcement community. Permission to access, browse and use this portal requires registration and confirmation of your right to access.