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Strategic Communications and Research  

Bureau Overview

The Strategic Communications and Research (SCR) Bureau is staffed by researchers who develop, validate, and manage personnel selection tests. The bureau also conducts job analyses, survey research, and selection standard-related or evaluation-related research projects; develops and manages standards and guidance for peace officer and public safety dispatcher selection; and provides consultation on topics such as background investigations, medical and psychological screening, and peace officer physical conditioning. SCR is also responsible for supporting the POST Electronic Database Interchange (EDI) system, and responding to subpoenas and public records requests.

SCR Programs and Services

Selection Tests and Standards-Related Research

SCR oversees numerous selection projects, develops tests, and performs job analyses for peace officers and public safety dispatchers, including physical ability testing.

Selection Standards

SCR is responsible for the continuing development of selection standards and guidance for hiring peace officers and public safety dispatchers. Selection standards include: entry-level exams, oral interview, background investigation, medical and psychological screening.

EDI/Learning Portal Support

The EDI/Learning Portal Support Unit provides customer assistance and troubleshooting services to law enforcement agencies and course presenters who use the web-based Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system. The Support Unit also provides assistance with password problems and answers general questions regarding the POST Learning Portal.

Through EDI, authorized users may access and print their records in the POST database system and complete online transactions related to appointment/termination notices, training compliance, and the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute. Course presenter functions such as AICP, course certification, instructor resumes, and roster entry may also be done through EDI.

The Learning Portal is an online training and resource service provided by POST to the California law enforcement community. Permission to access, browse and use this portal requires registration and confirmation of your right to access.