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Learning Technology Resources

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Bureau Overview

The Learning Technology Resources (LTR) Bureau features POST's Learning Portal, Training Video Programs, and Simulator Programs and is dedicated to researching and developing advanced technology for training law enforcement.

LTR Programs and Services

Learning Portal

The Learning Portal is a secure website for California peace officers, dispatchers, and law enforcement instructors. It provides 24/7 access to many of the products developed by LTR:
  • Self-paced courses for automatic CPT credit
  • Did You Know? videos
  • Homeland Security videos
  • Legal Updates videos
  • Tools such as the Search Warrant Writing Tool
  • Online communities such as the Training Manager Network and the Dispatch Center
  • Mobile apps such as the Investigation Tool (iTool) and Mandates Minder
  • Instructor/AICP resources
  • Discussion groups

Access is free to California law enforcement in the POST program.  The courses are engaging and relevant on contemporary topics such as Hate Crimes, Small Unmanned Aerial Systems and the Marijuana Initiative, as well as instructor-focused courses such as Learners First, Student Learning Outcomes, and Target Your Teaching. Many of the courses meet training mandates such as Domestic Violence: It’s Your Call, and First Aid/AED/CPR, among others.

All course completions are automatically posted on the student’s POST training profile for Continuous Professional Training (CPT) credit.
Access to many of LTR’s products are available for a fee to those outside the California POST program.

Training Video Program

The Training Video Program is designed to assist law enforcement training managers and instructors in meeting specific training needs or legislative mandates for their agency.

Produced exclusively by California POST, each video is designed using subject matter experts, victims, officers, and practitioners who convey knowledge, experience and expert advice around contemporary law enforcement issues.  These subject matter experts work with POST staff and a professional producer to develop the content for each video.  This includes the creation of reality-based video scenarios to illustrate situational awareness in the critical training areas.

Training videos are designed to be facilitated by the presenter in a classroom, briefing setting, or individual facilitation.  Most training videos are eligible for 2 hours of CPT credit.

Force Options and Law Enforcement Driving Simulators

POST has developed 24 Regional Skills Training Centers (RSTCs) equipped with Law Enforcement Driving Simulators (LEDS) and Force Options Simulators (FOS).  The LEDS and FOS programs provide a series of simulations based on real situations encountered by peace officers. The officer trainees hone judgment and decision-making skills in a safe environment while faced with distractions (lights, sirens, radio calls, partners, suspects, and citizens) that occur in the real world.