Intake and Disposition

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Bureau Overview

The Intake and Disposition Bureau (IDB) is responsible for the intake of any complaints received from the public, and investigations or allegations of serious misconduct received from law enforcement agencies.  The Bureau is also responsible to follow up with law enforcement agencies to ensure: prompt reporting and disposition of complaints;  proper and timely notification of decertification actions to employment agencies, involved parties, and the public; and entering and maintaining decertification records. 

The IDB is within the Commission’s Peace Officer Standards Accountability Division (Division) that was created as part of Senate Bill 2 (Bradford, Chapter 409, Statutes of 2021). The Division was established to:

  • Review investigations conducted by law enforcement agencies or any other investigative authority and to conduct additional investigations, as necessary, into serious misconduct that may provide grounds for suspension or revocation of a peace officer’s certification;
  • Present findings and recommendations to the Peace Officer Standards Accountability Advisory Board (Board) and the Commission; and, 
  • Initiate proceedings seeking the suspension or revocation of certification of peace officers as directed by the Board and Commission.