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Learning Technology Resources

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Bureau Overview

The Learning Technology Resources (LTR) Bureau features POST's Learning Portal, Training Video Programs, and Simulator Programs and is dedicated to researching and developing advanced technology for training law enforcement.

LTR Programs and Services

  • POST Learning Portal
  • Training Video Program
  • Simulator Programs

Learning Portal

The Learning Portal is a secure website for California peace officers, dispatchers, and law enforcement instructors. It provides 24/7 access to many of the products developed by LTR:

  • Web-based, self-paced courses
  • Training Videos
  • Did You Know? videos
  • Homeland Security videos
  • Online communities 
  • Instructor/AICP resources
  • Discussion groups

Access is free to California law enforcement in the POST program. The courses are engaging and relevant on topics such as Communications, Courtroom Testimony, Gun Violence Restraining Orders and Vehicle Pursuit Policy, as well as dispatcher-focused courses. Many of the courses meet training mandates such as First Aid/CPR/AED, among others.

All course completions are automatically posted on the student’s POST training profile for Continuous Professional Training (CPT) credit.

Training Video Program

POST-developed video programs provide high-quality, in-service training to local law enforcement agencies in the POST program. Each topic-specific video is carefully designed to assist law enforcement training managers and instructors in meeting timely training needs and legislative mandates for their agency. The video-based trainings are used by agencies in the POST program to satisfy Continuing Professional Training (CPT) requirements at a fraction of the cost and staff time required for traditional classroom training.

Produced exclusively by California POST, each video is designed using subject matter experts, victims, officers, and practitioners who convey knowledge, experience and expert advice around contemporary law enforcement issues. These subject matter experts work with POST staff and a professional producer to develop the content for each video. This includes the creation of reality-based video scenarios to illustrate situational awareness in the critical training areas.


Training videos are designed to be facilitated by the presenter in a classroom, briefing setting, or individual facilitation. Most training videos are eligible for 2 hours of CPT credit.