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Training Managers

The training manager’s responsibilities may include oversight of department staff’s training compliance or the preparation and maintenance of course certifications.

POST Regional Consultants’ Role

POST’s Regional Consultants work directly with agencies and training managers by assisting with the course certification requests and processes, advising on training requirements, and conducting regular audits. Regional Consultants are available for contact by training managers should any questions arise.

Available Training for Training Managers

POST’s Training Administrators Course (TAC) provides training managers and course coordinators with training on the POST course certification process maintained in the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and the requirements for presentation. The course is presented by POST Regional Consultants who oversee most of POST’s certified training courses. Newly assigned training managers or administrators who will manage courses in EDI are encouraged to complete the Training Administrator's Course Request.

Training Requirements – Legislatively Mandated

POST has created two quick reference documents to assist the field in locating Legislatively Mandated Training requirements — Refresher and Specialized — for officers while employed with a law enforcement agency.

Training Managers Course

The Training Managers course is designed to provide law enforcement training managers with the knowledge, theories, skills, and insights essential to successfully carrying out the management of training within modern law enforcement organizations. The course will address the following: The Training Manager’s role, developing and implementing a training plan, POST – the organization and its service delivery system, POST compliance, legal issues associated with training, determining individual and organizational training needs, and training records management.

Training Manager Network on Learning Portal

The Training Manager Network provides California law enforcement training managers an opportunity to build a community with other training managers and offer support and help to others in serving their communities. It provides frequently asked questions and answers, discussion topics from training managers, shared information, and other resources and links pertinent to training managers. (Those with EDI or LP Administrator rights have access via the Learning Portal.)

Training-Related Regulations

Minimum standards for training are specified in Commission Regulation 1005. This regulation covers basic, field training, supervisory, management, executive, Continued Professional Training, and Perishable Skills Training requirements. Additionally, Regulation 1081 provides training managers and departments with an overview of standards mandated by the Legislature.