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Training Program Services

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Bureau Overview

The Training Program Service (TPS) Bureau is responsible to develop training curricula for California Peace Officers. Using subject matter experts (SME), TPS creates training that meets Legislative Mandates and other critical training for the field. TPS also investigates how the application of various forms of technology can assist instructors with presenting the best possible training to the 80,000 Peace Officers that serve the communities of California.


The team of the Training Program Services (TPS) Bureau consists of a Bureau Chief, four Senior Law Enforcement Consultants, three Retired Annuitants, two Analysts, and an Office Technician. The TPS team is responsible for the following:

The TPS team is also responsible for managing several fiscal and training components including an Environmental Protection Grant, Homeland Security Grant, Procedural Justice training funds, and the Memorial License Plate Funds.

The essential functions of TPS include developing training standards for mandated course curricula, and implementing new training programs such as the Procedural Justice/Implicit Bias training course.