Danielle SchmittRegion 10

Covering Imperial, Orange, San Diego Counties

POST Regional Training Consultant

Daniel Schmitt
Law Enforcement Consultant
(916) 227-4872

Dan was hired by the San Diego Police Department in 1990.  Dan has over 28 years of law enforcement expertise in public safety, criminal investigations, critical incident management and executive protection. He has had a variety of law enforcement assignments as a veteran Police Officer including patrol, field training of new recruits, special projects and nearly every investigative assignment within the San Diego Police Department.  He finished his career with SDPD as a Child Abuse Homicide Detective and was hired by the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office in 2004. 

He spent 14 years with the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office where he promoted to the level of a Commander in the training division.  He is a Spanish speaker with a degree in foreign language and has numerous awards and citations in very involved investigations.

Dan retired in 2018 and was hired by POST as the Region 10 Law Enforcement Consultant with the Training, Delivery and Compliance Bureau.