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Region 9Charles Sandoval

Covering Los Angeles County

POST Regional Training Consultant
Charles Sandoval
Senior Consultant
(916) 227-4414

Charles was hired as a Peace Officer with the Roseville Police Department in 1981.  He moved to the Sacramento Police Department in 1985, and promoted to Sergeant in 1992.  During his time at the Sacramento Police Department, Charles served in Field Operations, as a Field Training Officer and Patrol Supervisor. Charles also oversaw the Departments Basic Academy, Backgrounds Investigations Unit, and Supervised the Field Training Unit. Charles also served as a Sergeant in the Office of the Chief in the Department's Fiscal Section. Charles instructed at the Sacramento Regional Training Center's Extended Academy where he taught, Lifetime Physical Fitness, Crimes in Progress and Cultural Diversity.  After 20 years with the Sacramento Police Department, Charles resigned in 2005 and came to POST as a Law Enforcement Consultant with the Basic Training Bureau.  Currently, he is assigned to the Training Delivery and Compliance Bureau. Charles is the lead instructor of the Training Administrators Course. (TAC)